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At Sunshine Motors, we understand all the legal parameters when it comes to providing your car with all the legitimate documents. In the opinion of the experts, having a Car Roadworthy Certificate in Victoria and Melbourne is extremely mandatory. Also termed as Certificate of Roadworthiness or RWC, this certificate shows that your car is safe enough to be driven on public roads. The traffic authorities are very strict about following this rule. They even do not hesitate to charge monetary fines if the car owners fail to produce this certificate. SO, you can easily understand how important it is to obtain a Car Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne and Victoria.


Technically, all light vehicles with Gross Vehicle Mass below 4.5 tones need to have an annual car roadworthy certificate to renew registration. A Car Roadworthy Certificate in St. Albans. is a must whenever the owner of the vehicle wants to sell the vehicle. It is also an important document that the car owners need if they wish to re-register the car or to clear some defect notices.

What Happens If The Car Owner Fails To Produce The Certificate?

The consequences may be harsh if the car owners fail to produce the car Roadworthy Certificate in Caroline Spring. It is good to know and note that the rules and regulations for RWC are different for different states in the country. Usually, the process requires your car to undergo an inspection first. If it passes the test, then you can get the roadworthy certificate easily. It is generated only after the test is successful. In case the car fails the test, then the authorities allow you a maximum time limit to complete all the necessary measures. Here, the time limit varies according to the state.


The car owners need to get the car repaired before they try again to get a Car Roadworthy Certificate in Deer Park, Kings Park, and Albanvale. Here, getting the best professionals at Sunshine Motors becomes a preferred choice as we offer reliable facilities to get you the Car Roadworthy Certificate in Cairnlea and Keilor Down. However, we also offer our services in some more prominent areas across Melbourne. It clearly means that obtaining an RWC is 100% mandatory and that you cannot deny or overlook it!  

Things That An RWC Cover For The Car Owners:

While you apply for a Car Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne and Victoria, then you must know what is checked and what is not while you take your car for roadworthiness certificate:

What Things Are Checked?

  • Vehicle structure
  • Chassis or engine
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Steering, suspensions, and braking systems
  • Windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers
  • Other safety-related items on the body


How Long Does A Car Roadworthy Inspection Take?

Well, things depend on many things and that is why you should be patient while you get ready to obtain your Car Roadworthiness Certificate in Sunshine West. You would need 2-4 hours when booking your slot for roadworthy certificate inspection. Here it is good to remember that the requirements in every state are not similar but can include taking multiple photographs of your vehicle from various angles. You may be required to give a road test and a safety check of the vehicle to meet the state-based requirements. 

Why Do Clients Prefer Reaching Sunshine Motors For RWC?

Well, we may consider many points here that keep us ahead of other service providers. Our clients usually talk about the following things that they seldom find elsewhere:

  • Excellent team of professionals with in-depth knowledge in this domain
  • Superior experience level
  • Experience in solving plenty of complicated cases
  • Cooperation with the clients
  • High success rate
  • Affordable cost
  • Service available in a wide area across Melbourne

Some Prominent FAQs That We Love To Answer:

Usually, a car roadworthy certificate remains valid for 30 days from the date of issue of the certificate. You would need to apply for another one after the existing certificate expires. 

Well, the cost for this certificate is not fixed. It varies depending on a few things that include the type and condition of the vehicle along with its age. The issuing authority usually decides the cost and that you need to pay before the process starts.

Usually, the ownership documents of the car are a must that you must carry with you whenever you wish to get the Car Roadworthy Certificate in Victoria and Melbourne. For more information, you can reach the experts at Sunshine Motors as they have complete knowledge of these proceedings. 

No, they are not. Usually, both the cost and the rules for this certificate are not similar. They vary from one state to another. To get the right knowledge, you should contact us!

Usually, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued when a licensed vehicle tester believes the vehicle is roadworthy. Usually, the tester operates from an authentic garage or service station. At Sunshine Motors, we have many dependable resources that can do the needful for you when you apply for RWC in Melbourne and areas located nearby.


Sunshine Motors has a team of dedicated experts who have special skills to help every car owner who looks for a Car Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne and areas near it. So, you cannot afford delays reaching us if you are in any kind of need ofan RWC.