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Sunshine Motors has been a very popular as well as potential provider car services in St. Albans. Right from the beginning of the business a few years ago. We have been a trendsetter as far as the best automotive services are concerned. We have a robust team of dedicated automotive engineers that is perfectly capable of delivering 100% guaranteed car repair and other services related to various brands and models of cars our premium customers may have. We pay close attention to every detail so that the repair and service work gets completed in a hassle-free manner. We put our best efforts to bring the best car service in Caroline Spring with some prominent destinations across Melbourne. 

Why Is Car Service a Must?

Well, cars are very much in use these days as most people have the fascination to drive a four-wheeler. Additionally, they even have the financial strength and willingness to spend money when it comes to buying a car. Due to this, the number of cars is increasing on the road almost everywhere in Melbourne. At Sunshine Motors, we believe in keeping in touch with the best agency for Car Service in Deer Park as the agency has the most trustworthy facilities that can guarantee a perfect car service, irrespective of the models or brands. We serve all types of cars to bring complete peace of mind to our customers. We encourage every car owner to get their car serviced at least once in six months so that they can be sure about avoiding technical defects.

Reasons For Hiring A Car Service Agency

Usually, the technical defects of a car are different from other vehicles and that is why hiring specialists for Car Service In Kings Park becomes a necessity. Usually, we consider the following reasons for reaching a car service agency:

  • Car servicing saves money and there should be no hesitation to deny this. Proper car service in Albanvale can maintain fuel efficiency, replace defective components before they stop working, and reduce the possibility of having a breakdown. So, you can easily sum up that car service keeps your car in perfect conditions so that it does not face any defect. Now, you cannot hesitate to accept that car services save your money.
  • It adds more to the safety of the vehicle and also of the users, like you are. While servicing the cars, the mechanics do numerous safety checks. They identify defects with keyparts of the car and substitute the worn-out parts. Additionally, they keep critical components like the seatbelts, steering, suspension, and braking systems working.
  • Servicing the car at the right intervals increases the longevity of the vehicle. The engine of a properly-serviced car can last longer than a neglected one. So, we actually add life to the engine or to your car directly or indirectly.
  • Proper servicing of the car retains its resale value. Usually, it becomes a critical factor while you decide to resale the car in order to buy a new car.
What is Included in Regular Car Servicing Tasks?

Sunshine Motors considers two lists here, one is for minor car service and the other one is for major service requirements. We follow these lists while we offer the best facilities for car service in Cairnlea and Kealba along with all other prominent destinations in Melbourne.


Minor Car Service List:

  • Examining the battery
  • Examining the fuel and the air filter
  • Checking tyres for leakage
  • Checking car brakes, fluids, hoses, and belts.
  • Replacing the oil filter and engine oil

Major Car Service List:

  • Examining the coolant and transmission
  • Suspension and steering
  • Examining the lights
  • Replacing spark plugs if needed
  • Checking the windscreen wipers
  • Rotation of the wheels and wheel alignment
  • Inspection of the complete fitness of the car engine
  • Tuning
  • Brake fluid and brakes
  • Checking the air conditioner

A Few Questions To Ask From The Experts in Car Service in Keilor Down:

At Sunshine Motors, we encourage our customers to ask us all types of questions that they may have about the car service. We answer a large number of questions almost every day. Some of the most important questions include the following: 

Yes, we offer all types of services as per your needs. You just need to take your car to our place so that we can do the needful. However, you can even request us to pick up your car from your location.

Yes, we do. We have collaboration with the top manufacturers of cars that supply us with the original spare parts that we can use while serving your car. We charge genuine prices for those parts as well.

Usually, we suggest our clients get their service immediately after the vehicle runs for more than 15000 kilometers or once in a year, whatever comes first. You can contact us immediately and book a slot for the car service in any of our locations as mentioned. You can always get appointments. 

Well, it depends on the availability of our car mechanics. Usually, we do not take much time for you to wait unnecessarily. We serve on the ‘First Come First Serve’ basis to manage all our clients properly and without any kind of trouble. Our technicians attend to your car defects immediately after they are assigned with the next task.

Usually, major defects take time and that duration depends on how serious the defects are. We appoint the best mechanics to take care of the major defects. It can be a time-consuming task that we try to do and deliver your car as soon as possible. We do not keep your car for unnecessary reasons. 

Well, we would rather be happy toconsider our service as cost-effective. We are very particular about providing our clients with the best car service facilities and that too at a genuine price.

So, if you are serious about getting the best car service anywhere at our locations, then you should not delay reaching us. You must contact us at our helpdesk at your convenience. We are always there to help you so that you can enjoy driving your car.